Sunny Leone’s ex making moolah off her

Leone’s former fiance is selling their first porn video on various sites on the internet
While Sunny Leone has been in the Bigg Boss house for three weeks, her former fiance Matt Erikson has been cashing in on the porn films they made together before the break up. Matt and Sunny got engaged in 2007 only to separate in 2008.

Before meeting Matt, Sunny had only performed lesbian scenes in her porn movies. Once she met and got engaged to Matt, she did straight porn scenes only with him and no other male actor. Their first movie together was a huge success.

Now, the same movie is doing the rounds on various portals and sites on the internet. There is a renewed interest in the title because of Leone’s popularity on the Indian small screen. In fact, there is also a blog under the name of Matt Erikson that has titles of Sunny’s movies on pay-per-view and rental basis. The number of blog visits show that her appearance on the Indian reality show has definitely attracted more eyeballs to Sunny’s body of work.

Post her break up with Matt, Sunny went on to open her own production house where she got into commercial tie-ups with other porn portals and was also the first porn star to feature in an approved app for a leading smartphone.

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