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  • Anybody interested in posting in wordpress blogs can follow below steps. Please note that different wordpress theme have different custom setting of itself which other themes don’t have. Some websites provide the provision of users to post their idea some others don’t. Its related to typical websites nature. We are explaining the steps that you can follow in  where users can post. Share the post with you r friends if you like this.



1. First step is to login to , if you are not registered to website, please register and log in.

2. After logging in you can see “Dashboard” option in right side widget area, click on that.

3. You are now at the dashboard section of a wordpress blog. On left side you can see the options that you are able to do.

4. On left side you can see option “Posts“, hover your mouse over it, you can see “All Posts” and “Add new“.  “All Posts” shows all posts posted in blog, you can edit only what you posted. So select “Add new” option and start posting process.

5. First section is “Enter title here” ,ie title for your post. Please note that this title part will be chosen as your post url. Eg: if you choose title “Testing” post url will be

6. Below that you have the main content area where you can give description and add photographs etc. Photos can be added by clicking ‘Upload/Insert‘ option just above content area. Note: Please note that once uploaded picture can be used anywhere with out re-uploading it , for that click on ‘Upload/Insert’ and select gallery option to get your previously uploaded picture.

7. The content area have 2 options ‘Visual‘ and ‘Html‘ , Visual part is simple.. If anybody interested and knows HTML can use that . Beginners better stick to Visual.

8. At top of content area you can see a line full of setting like ‘Bold’ ‘Italics’ etc for your use. In that there is an option ‘show/hide kitchen sink‘ this will bring down one more layer full of settings and option that you can use in content area.

9. On right side you can select the ‘category‘ in which you prefer your post should be in. Also there is an option called ‘tags‘[optional] where you can give keywords related to your post, this will help search engines to track to your site while these keywords are used in search.

10. Above steps are common in all wordpress blogs. Now related to you have extra options below description area. You can add ‘Screenshot‘ , ‘Large Image‘, ‘Website URL‘ these extra options are there as this is a theme related to photos. So posting in should prefer adding these details. Also please note that you don’t need to re-upload images[as per step 6 you can do this after pressing upload button].

  • Please note that i posted this with the permission from, so please don’t use this post to test your skills on site as this will be affect the website badly. Also This is my idea about posting 🙂 , if i had made any mistakes please point out them by adding your valuable comments, Also if you have any extra ideas please share this with us. If you like this post please don’t forget it to share this with your friends.


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