Nokia Refocus app for Lumia PureView smartphones

While Nokia announced a slew of devices at Nokia World, they announced a lot of software enhancements and inbuilt apps like Storyteller, Video Director and Beamer app etc. Along with these Nokia also announced a new Lytro-style camera app “Nokia Refocus” for its Lumia PureView smartphones.



Nokia Refocus imaging app lets you choose the focus point after you’ve taken the shot. This means you can create different expressions of a single photo, changing the same scene in a number of ways by refocusing on the area you want to highlight most. You can also choose to make everything in focus, or magically add colour pop to the focused area for more impact. The app also allows you to upload the images and share them to Facebook and other social networks.

Nokia Refocus app is coming to existing Lumia PureView smartphones with the next software update “Lumia Black”later this year.

Check out this video to see how it works — 

You can also check out this official site to see how image taken in Nokia Refocus works —

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