[SOLVED] How to play Call of duty – Modern Warfare 2 Co-op offline via Lan

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 features a cooperative mode titled Special Ops, which consists of independent missions similar in design to the “Mile High Club” epilogue mission from Call of Duty 4. These missions take place in a variety of locations from the campaign mode, but are not related to the campaign. Most of the Special Ops missions may be played alone, but all of them support two player cooperative play in which two players can play together locally or online.

Follow these steps to play  Modern Warfare 2 Special Ops offline without the need to go through steam or be connected to the internet.

===For Server and Client===

1. Download bigwLan.rar from here——–>bgiwLan(

2. Download AlterIW files from here——–>aIW-37a-10802.zip

3. Download TeknoMW2_Hotfix.rar by Reaver from here——–>TeknoMW2_Hotfix.rar

4. First extract bigwlan files to the game directory on both computers.

5. Then extract AlterIW files to the game folder.

6. Lastly extract TeknoMW2_Hotfix files to the Game folder.

7. Then, on both computers, open alterIWnet_configure.exe and change your nicknames

8. Then, again on both computers, open the file alterIWnet.ini (with notepad) and change the value of “Server=” to “Server=” [Ip address of the host].


===For Server===

1. Now First Run IWNetServer.exe

2. Run game from TeknoGods_MW2SP.exe

3. Go to Spec Ops

4. Click Two Player Online

5. Host the game and wait in lobby


===For Client===

1. Make a shortcut to TeknoGods_MW2SP.exe and add –  -ip=<host ip> after

Example: TeknoGods_MW2SP  – -ip= (Ip Address of the host ie.. the computer running the server)

2. Go to Spec Ops

3. Simply press F12 to connect


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