Heather Wells Series

The Heather Wells series is an adult mystery series that features former pop star Heather Wells. Heather was once a teen star, but was fired by her recording company when she asked to sing songs she had written instead of the ones they composed for her. The book opens just after Heather has gotten a job as a residence house coordinator at New York College and quickly discovers that young girls in the dorm are being murdered.

The second book was originally titled Phat Chick, but this was changed by the publishers to It’s Not Over Until The Size 12 Chick Sings, and finally, Size 14 is Not Fat Either, which continued Heather’s amateur sleuthing adventures.

The third book in the series is published under the title “Size Doesn’t Matter” in Australia and Great Britain. (In other countries, such as the U.S. and Canada, it was entitled “Big Boned”.) In ‘Size Doesn’t Matter’, Heather solves another mystery, and is involved in a love triangle with Tad, her boyfriend, and Cooper, whom she secretly loves, but rejected her.

In March, 2008 the series was contracted for two additional books, which should be released in 2011 or 2012.

EBook Downloads:

Heather Wells- 01 Size 12 is Not Fat

Heather Wells- 02 Size 14 is Not Fat Either

Heather Wells – 03 Big Boned

Heather Wells – 04 Size 12 And ready To Rock

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