Gemma Doyle Series

The Gemma Doyle Trilogy is a trilogy of fantasy novels by Libba Bray. They are told from the perspective of Gemma Doyle, a girl in the late nineteenth century. The Gemma Doyle Trilogy consists of three books: A Great and Terrible Beauty (published December 9, 2003), Rebel Angels (published 2006), and the The Sweet Far Thing (published December 26, 2007)

The story revolves around Gemma Doyle, a young woman sent from her home in British India to the mysterious boarding school, Spence Academy. There she meets Ann, Felicity, and Pippa, three other remarkable young women and together they discover the dark past of their school. Gemma learns of her own heritage and the magical powers she possesses.The three books in the trilogy span just one year, with A Great and Terrible Beauty beginning in June 1895 and The Sweet Far Thing ending in June 1896.


EBook Downloads:

Jemma Doyle - 01 A great and terrible beauty

Jemma Doyle - 02 Rebel Angels

Jemma Doyle - 03 Sweet Far Thing

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